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Technical details

All the fonts must be in PC format. It is necessary to use a single font mapping.
Images must be CMYK, 1:1 at 300 dpi.
All colors must be CMYK process.
Supports: CD, DVD (with proof) or on our ftp: ftp.cmgromania.ro (User: cmguest, Password: cm_guest) in folder: 1 Magazinul Progresiv
Accepted programms: Corel; Quark; Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Photoshop;
Accepted extensions: .eps, .psd, .tif, .cdr, .qxp, .qxd; 
CMYK pictures included in Corel files must be supplied together with the original files (TIF, PSD) for double checking. Otherwise, it is the clinet’s responsability;
For A4 layouts, the bleed must be placed on top, bottom, left and right;
3 mm are required between bleed and layout’s text;
For “Double page” layouts please avoid placing text in the middle of format for 2 cm.
For 1/2 A4, 1/3 A4 si 1/4 A4 layouts bleed is not required. Junior double page is excepted.

ATENTION: All the files must be in electronic format (films are not accepted).

Contact: Iulian Konig - Production Manager e-mail: konig.iulian@cmgromania.ro
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