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Purcari sees 10% increase of income

Wine producer Purcari Wineri, listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange, has seen a 10% increase of its income in the first three months of the year.

In Q1, the company recorded net sales of RON46.4m compared to last-year same period, with Romania the best performing market (+39%), followed by the Baltics and Poland (+66% and +12%, respectively).

The premium segment stood strong, with Purcari brand registering a 29% increase YoY. Locally sold Ceptura brand also showed good numbers, increasing by 31% compared to last year. Average-priced Bostavan brand was down by 7%.

The Group's operational profit grew by 18%, with EBITDA reaching RON17,4m. Net profit was down 7% compared to 2019.

"Purcari's incomes are probably affected by the COVID-19 outburst. It's still unclear what the impact will be. We're expecting a significant loss of sales in foodservice industry," the quarterly stock report says.

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