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Meat producer Elit starts home delivery

Due to coronavirus-related restrictions, Elit has extended its services portfolio and started home deliveries through a mobile app. Elit says transport is free of charge and products can be bought at the same prices as in stores.

Customers can choose from the whole range of cold cuts, fresh pork, and ready-to-eat products like hamburgers, chicken wings, and others. Different salads are also available.

Those interested can place an order through Beez app or online, on the Beez platform. The delivery will be made the next day or first working day, for orders placed during weekends. All orders will be paid online.

Elit owns four factories in București, Alba Iulia, Cugir, and Arad, where it produces its cold cuts range. Products are available through all selling channels, but mostly through traditional trade, where the company has a portfolio of over 13.000 active clients.

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