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Lidl expands to Argeș county

German discounter Lidl continues to expand by opening a new store in the city of Mioveni, Argeș county. It's actually a replacement for an older unit that was closed on April 29.

The new store has a selling area of about 1.300 sqm and over 120 parking spots. It also features and electric charging station, were two cars can plug in at same time.

Lidl has used advanced construction technologies and modern solutions that offer a high level of energy efficiency. The store features LED lighting system with proximity sensors, and heat recovery systems.

Lidl, part of Schwarz Group, is one of the leading food retailers in Europe. The company is present in 32 countries worldwide, operates around 10.800 stores, and has 287.000 employees. In Romania, Lidl has 260 stores.

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