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Who are the winners of Progresiv Awards 2019

Progresiv Awards

The Progresiv Awards 2019 competition has nominated its winners at the Progresiv Gala Awards held at Casino Sinaia on the evening of March 14, which brought together over 470 retail and FMCG professionals. The only company that went home with two trophies was Ursus Breweries, who won the most points in the "Best FMCG Supplier" and "Best New Food Product" categories, the latter with Ursus Retro beer.

Mega Image won for the fourth consecutive year the trophy in the "Best International Retailer" category, while the Annabella chain was also named "Best Local Retailer" in 2019.

The winner of the "Best New Non-Food Product" category was Aslavital Mineralactiv from Farmec's portfolio. In the "Best Shopper Activation" category, most of the votes were received by the "Rexona 5,000 Steps per day" project by Unilever, while the Best CSR Campaign Award was won by Bergenbier's "Refresh and Reforest" project.

After a close fight in the "Best Manager of the Year" category, the winner of the Progresiv Awards trophy was Mircea Turdean, CEO of Farmec. As for the Best Start-up category in Retail & FMCG, the winner was the Laptaria cu Caimac.

In addition to the nine categories submitted for nomination and voting, Progresiv has also decided to offer a special award named "Entrepreneur for the Future", won by Feliciu Paraschiv, the owner of Paco Supermarkets.

Here are the final rankings at the Progresiv Awards 2019:


• Winner: Mega Image

• Carrefour Romania

• Kaufland Romania

• Lidl Romania

• Profi Rom Food


• Winner: Annabella

• Diana

• Sergiana

• Paco Supermarkets

• CBA Nord-Vest


• Winner: Ursus Breweries

• Coca-Cola HBC Romania

• PepsiCo Romania

• Unilever SCE

• Farmec


• Winner: Ursus Retro Beer - Ursus Breweries

• Aqua Carpatica Kids Water - Valvis Holding

• Fuzetea ready-to-drink tea - Coca-Cola HBC

• Dare Waffle Chocolate Bar - Eti European Food Industries

• Lemon Lemon - PepsiCo effervescent lemonade


• Winner: Aslavital Mineralactiv - Farmec Skin Care Range

• Parodontax Complete Protection Extra Fresh toothpaste - GSK

• Pampers Pure Diapers - Procter & Gamble

• Omo Trio Capsules - Unilever SCE

• Bref Perfume Switch toilet freshner - Henkel


• Winner: Rexona "5,000 Steps a Day" - Unilever SCE

• "Win the Ursus Prizes for the Greatest Parties" - Ursus Breweries

• Urban Harvest - Heineken Romania

• The Good Mood Box - Heidi Chocolat

• Connect by Mega Image loyalty card


• Winner: Refresh and reforest - Bergenbier

• Safety through nutrition and health education - Carrefour & Save the Children

• Teach for Romania - Lidl Romania

• #INSTAREDEBINE - Kaufland and the Civil Society Development Foundation

• LaTINEri is the power - Coca-Cola HBC


• Winner: Laptaria cu Caimac

• Bacania Magica

• The Beer Institute

• Clatette

• Red Nose Epicerie


• Winner: Mircea Turdean - Farmec CEO

• Marco Hoessl - CEO Kaufland Romania

• Jean Valvis - President Valvis Holding

• Catalin Samara - COO Carrefour Romania

• James Simmons - CEO of Unilever SCE

The detailed results on the number of points achieved by the finalists can be accessed here.

The Progresiv Awards started out from the desire to highlight the successful FMCG people, organizations, brands and projects that set trends and contribute to the development of the industry, as well as the role of retailer and supplier partnerships.

The mechanism of establishing the finalists and winners of the Progresiv Awards was simple, transparent and objective. The competition involved three stages: the nominations (coming from industry professionals), the validation of the nominations and the establishment of the finalists in the Specialists' Council and the cross-voting voting. Thus, awards for suppliers were granted on the basis of retailers' votes, and for retailers based on suppliers’ votes. Voting was made through unique links, guaranteeing that a person can only vote once because they become inactive after the poll questionnaire is completed. In total, there were about 5,500 votes for the 9 categories in the Progresiv Awards 2019 competition.

The Research Partner in the Progresiv Awards project is the market research company Ipsos Romania, and the partner who created the branding and visual identity is Inoveo.

More details about Progresiv Awards can be found on the dedicated website, www.progresivawards.ro.

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